How to use PROPER Function in Excel

The PROPER function converts a text into a proper case.

In simple words, it converts a normal text case into a text in which all the letters are in lower case except the first letter of the word. For example, “EXCEL CHAMPS” or “excel champs” will be converted into “Excel Champs”.



  1. text Text which you want converts to proper case.


compare text return by proper function with other cases

In the below example, we have used the proper function to streamline first name and last name into the proper case.

convert all type of text into proper case using function

Note: If there is a single alphabet in a cell it will convert that alphabet into a capital letter.


  1. It can only convert text into the proper case, any value which is not text will not change.
  2. It capitalizes the first letter the word that follows a non-text character. =Proper(“excel-champs”) = Excel-Champs.

Sample File