How to use MOD Function in Excel

How to use MOD Function in Excel2018-11-16T10:46:33+00:00

The MOD function returns the remainder after dividing two numbers.

In simple words, it returns the remainder number which left after the division of two number.

For example, by dividing 3 and 2 you will get 1 in return.


MOD(number, divisor)

  1. number A number which you want to divide.
  2. divisor A number with which you want to divide.


In the below example, we have used MOD with the different types of values.

using different argument in excel mod function
  1. If there is no remainder after dividing two numbers it will return zero.
  2. If there is a decimal in divisor it will consider that decimal and return result according to that.
  3. If you specify zero to divide, it will return 0 in the result. Dividing any number by zero results in zero.
  4. If divisor will zero, it will return #DIV/0!.
  5. If you skip specifying any number for dividing it will return 0 in the result.
  6. And, if you skip specifying any divisor, it will return #DIV/0!.
  7. It will consider negative values same as positive values and return same sign that divisor have.


  1. It always returns the remainder with the same sign as divisor have.


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    Smart one. Used MOD before, but never thought of this.

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    Thanks for the teaching. I’m glad I have you as my teacher. Ezekiel from Nigeria.

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