How to use FALSE Function in Excel

how to use excel false function

Quick Intro

You can use FALSE Function to get a logical value FALSE.

It requires no input argument. You can simply enter this function and it will return the TRUE.



It has no arguments.

More Information On Excel FALSE Function

  • FALSE & FALSE() both are identical.
  • Best use of FALSE() is in integration with other function for evaluation.
  • FALSE has a value 0. You can use this value in other calculations.
  • Using FALSE without parentheses will also give you the same result.
  • FALSE Function is mainly provided for compatibility with the spreadsheet program.


In the below example, I have used FALSE() and FALSE, in the same manner, and both returns the same value. You can also use FALSE Function in the numeric calculation as it has 0 value.

Examples For Excel FALSE Function

Sample File

download sample file to learn more about this tips

What’s Next?

To learn more about Excel FALSE Function you can check Microsoft’s Help Section. And, if you have a unique idea to use it, I would love to hear from you.

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