Excel Bloggers

Sumit Bansal
Excel Blogger
MVP, Founder Trumpexcel.com
Meet Sumit
Excel TV
Community Channel
Community News & Updates
Interview With Excel Experts
Brad Edgar
Excel Blogger
Excel Expert, Founder BradEdgar.com
Meet Brad
Oz Soleil
Excel Blogger
MVP, Founder DataScopic.net
Teacher, Speaker, Raconteur (Storyteller)
Kevin Lehrbass
Excel Blogger
Excel Expert, Founder MySpreadSheetLab.com
Rick Grantham
BI Expert
Host Excel TV
BI & Analytics Speaker
Excel Blogger
John Michaloudis
Excel Blogger
CIO @ MyExcelOnline.com
Meet John
Andy Pope
Programming Manager At Digitab.
MVP, Founder AndyPope.Info
Kawser Ahmed
Excel Blogger
Excel Expert
Founder ExcelDemy.com
Chris Newman
Excel Blogger
VBA Expert, Founder TheSpreadheetGuru.com
Ben Collins
Excel Blogger
Data Analyst and Instructor
Founder, BenlCollins.com
Michael Rempel
Excel Blogger
MOS, Excel Expert
Founder Excel-Bytes.com
Heiko Heimrath
Excel Blogger
Excel Expert
Founder ExcelTricks.de
Ryan Wells
Excel Blogger
Excel VBA Expert
Founder, Wellsr.com
Rahim Aly
Excel Trainer
Excel Expert & Founder, ExcelBasement.org
Meet Rahim
Ken Puls
MVP, Excel Expert
Founder, ExcelGuru.ca
Jon Wittwer
Excel Template Guru
Founder, Vertex42.com
Mikkel Sciegienny
Excel Blogger
Co-Founder SpreadSheeto.com
Sam McIntire
Excel Expert
Founder, DeskBright
WONG Ming Fung
Excel Expert
Founder WMFExcel.com
Inet Kemp
Excel Trainer
Founder, Brilliance Computer Services
Adrian Miric
Excel Expert
Founder, AuditExcel.co.za
Brian Krisanski
Excel Expert
Founder of ExcelSuperSite.com
Dinesh Natarajan Mohan
Excel Template Expert
Founder, Indzara.com
Niels Weterings
Excel Expert
Founder, Excel-Easy.com
Andrew Engwirda
Excel Developer
Founder, AndrewsExcelTips.net
Eric Hunzeker
Head Geek
Founder, ExcelGeek.com
Lee Baker
Excel Blogger
Founder, ExcelItch.com
CA Rishabh Pugalia
Excel Expert
Founder, YodaLearning.com
John Franco
Founder, Wizdoh.com
Excel author, Trainer

Please Help Me If I Missed Anyone.

  • Hey Puneet — don’t forget us over at Deskbright (http://www.deskbright.com!) Think you might be able to add us to your list?

    • Puneet Gogia

      Thanks for pointing me out sam. All done.

  • me

    Oscar . Getdigitalhelp

  • @John Franco i just was checking statement of Problem with Older Version and found if there should be please correct me if I’m wrong.In this formula……