10 Powerful Double Click Mouse Tricks For Excel Power Users

double click mouse tricksBefore I tell you all time favorite Double Click Mouse Tricks which I use. Let me show you that, why I am using them.

If you are using Keyboard Shortcut Keys to save your time & increase your productivity, you are a smart guy. All Excel users are always eager to learn more excel keyboard shortcuts so they can work fast.

But when we talk about smartness & speed we can’t only depend on keyboard shortcuts, there are some tricks which we can perform with a mouse as well.

Before you read this post, I have a request to you that If you have any alternate for following double click mouse trick, you can share it with me in the comment box.

Download this quick PDF guide to learn these double click mouse tricks.

10 Quick Mouse Tips

1. Apply Cell Format With Format Painter

In all double click mouse tricks, this is the most useful. Before I started to use format painter for applying cell formatting, I was using paste special with the shortcut key.

But once I met with this option it has changed my life. Here are the steps which you have to do.

Apply Cell Formatting With Double Click Mouse Tricks

  1. Select the cell or a range from where your want to copy cell formatting.
  2. Go to → Home Tab  → Clipboard.
  3. Now, make a double click on Format Painter button.
  4. As soon as you do this, your cursor will convert into a paint brush.
  5. Now, you can apply that formatting anywhere in your worksheet, in another worksheet or even in another workbook.

2. Rename a Worksheet With Double Click

I always found it quicker than using a shortcut key to change the name of a worksheet.

Here are the steps you have to follow but fortunately there are no steps.

All you have to do is just double click on the sheet tab & enter a new name.

Rename Worksheet name With Double Click Mouse Tricks

Let me tell you why this method is fast than using a shortcut. Suppose if want to rename more than one worksheet using shortcut key.

Before you change the name of a worksheet, You have to activate it.

But if you use double click method it will automatically activate that worksheet & edit the name with only two clicks.

3. Double Click On Fill Handle

I am sure shortcut addicts always use a shortcut key to drag formulas & values in downward cells. But using fill handle is more impressive than using a shortcut key as I think. Here is what you have to do.

  • Select the cell in which you have a formula or a value which you want to drag.
  • Make a double click on the small square box at the right bottom of the cell selection border.
  • Bang, you are done.

Double Click Mouse Tricks On Fill Handle

This method will only work if you have values in corresponding columns & it will only work in the vertical direction.

4. Collapse or Expand the Ribbon

If you want to work in a distraction-free mode in excel. You can do this by collapsing your Excel ribbon. For this, you don’t have to use any shortcut or make any changes to your Excel option.

  • Just make a double click on the activate tab in your ribbon & it will collapse the ribbon.
  • And, If you want to expand it back just double click on it again.

Double Click Mouse Tricks To Collapse or Expand the Ribbon

One thing to note down, always double click on the activate tab rather than any other tab because you need three clicks for that one is to activate that tab & two to expand or collapse ribbon.

5. Edit a Shape

We often use shapes in our worksheets to present some messages. And, we have to insert some text into those shapes. Besides, from the typical method, you can use double click method to edit a shape & insert the text into it.

Edit a Shape With Double Click Mouse Tricks

You can use this method to edit & enter text in Checkboxes, Chart Titles, etc.

6. Adjust Column Width

You this trick whenever you have to adjust column width you can double click on the right edge of the column header. It will auto set the column width according to the column data.

Auto Adjust Column Width With Double Click Mouse Tricks

The same method can be used to auto adjust row width. You can double click on the bottom edge of row header & it will auto adjust row as the data captured in it.

7. Go To Last Cell of the Data

This trick can be useful if you are working with a large dataset. By using double click, you go to the last cell in the range which has data.

You have to click on the right edge of the active cell to go to the right side & on the left edge if you want to go to the right side. Same for top & bottom as well.

Go To Last Cell of the data With Double Click Mouse Tricks

Although you have a better option to use the shortcut Control + Arrow. But it is still a smart trick to learn.

8. Open Chart Formatting Options

I use this method often in my work. If you are using Control + 1 to open formatting options to format a chart, then I bet you’ll love this trick.

All you have to do is just make a double click on the border of the graph to open formatting option.

Open Chart Formatting Options With Double Click Mouse Tricks

You can also do the same for a particular component of the chart.

Note: You can only use this trick in Microsoft Excel 2010 & above versions.

9. Get Source Data from a Pivot Table With Double Click

Use this trick when someone sends you a pivot table in an excel file without attaching source data.

As you already know Excel stores data in pivot cache before creating a pivot table.

So you don’t need data source until you have to make any changes in data.

You can extract data from a pivot table by double clicking on data values.

As soon as you do this Excel will insert a new worksheet with the data which has used in the pivot table.

Get Source Data from a Pivot Table With Double Click Mouse Tricks

10. It’s Your Turn

If you have any other Double Click Mouse Trick for Excel & you want me to add to this list, please give me a comment below.

Also, tell me which is the most impressive trick you find from above list.

Please share your views.

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  • Abdul Quadir says:

    Thanks for sharing so many tricks! I knew about just a few of them.

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  • Khwaja Attiq says:

    I like #3, 4 and 7 the most, it’s so amazing for me.
    double click on office icon do exit function.

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    I like #7 the most, it’s so amazing for me who always deal with large database, thanks Puneet.

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      I also use the format painter frequently. I find it helpful to add that to the quick access toolbar.

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    I love that of number 1 and 9. It’s new to me. Thanks

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