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How to Use VBA MsgBox Function in Excel

How to use a VBA Message Box in ExcelThe first thing which I have learned about VBA was using a message box (“msgbox function”). It’s like a simple popup box on your Excel window to show a specific message. If you think about it, you can use it in two ways. Deliver a message to the user. […]

VBA ON-OFF Button In Excel

 Today, I’d like to share with your simple steps to create an on-off button in Excel. I have used this button to create a greeting card for Christmas. So, let’s start our hunt for an on-off switch/button.What Will it Do?It can help you to control two macros with one button. You can also use it to […]

How to Create a Internet Radio in Excel

Steps to Create an Internet Radio in ExcelGo to Developer Tab -> Controls -> Insert -> Active X Control -> More Control.Select Window Media Player from the list.Now, double click on the window media player. And, By clicking on it, you will get the VB editor.Change the name of window media player to “InternetRadioInExcel”.Open your […]

How To Create a Table of Content In Excel By Using VBA

To Create a table of content in excel with macro we have to use a Hyperlink.Add Function In VBA which is similar to the Excel’s Hyperlink Function. Use Hyperlinks.Add to insert a hyperlink in excel with VBA It is the part of Hyperlink collection method. Let’s have a look at Arguments of  Add.Hyperlinks : hyperlinks.Add(Anchor, Address, […]