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Category Archives for VBA

How To Highlight Duplicate Values Using VBA

While working with huge data, Duplicate Values are always a concern. And, I am sure most of the time you remove them with remove duplicate option. But, removing duplicate values or just counting duplicate values never sort out the problem. The important thing is to review all the duplicate values before deletion. So, today I will […]

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Top 100 Useful Excel Macro [VBA] Codes Examples

Macro codes can save you a ton of time. You can automate small as well as heavy tasks with VBA codes.And, do you know with the help of macros, you can break all the limitations of excel which you think Excel has?So, today, I have listed some of the useful codes examples to help you […]

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VBA IF Statement

Conditions are everywhere, in our work, day to day life, in our conversation, everywhere. And when it comes to VBA coding, conditions are one of the most important things.If you want to be advanced VBA user then an IF statement is must learn. And, I believe that you are already familiar with word IF and […]

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VBA To Create a Pivot Table [Macro Code]

Before I hand over this guide to you to start using VBA to create a pivot table, let me confess something.I have learned using VBA just four years back. And, the first time when I wrote a macro code to create a pivot table, it was a failure.Since then I have learned more from my […]

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Add Developer Tab [Windows + Mac]

Developer tab in excel is one of the most important and highly useful options in excel. But, before you use it you need add it on ribbon.When you install Excel, you need to activate it for first time.So today in this post, you will learn 3 different methods to add developer tab in Excel for windows as well […]

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