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How To Perform Two Way Lookup In Excel

It happens sometimes when we need to lookup for a value from a table according to the row heading and column heading.Let say, if you need to get the values from above table for a particular month and zone. Here in this situation you can use a two way lookup.Performing a two-way lookup is all about […]

How to use MAX IF Formula in Excel + [Multiple Criteria]

In Excel, we can’t simply use default MAX function with a condition (unless you are using Microsoft Office 365).If you ever try to get maximum value from a range using a specific condition you must need a MAX IF formula.Well, you can combine MAX and IF to create a formula which can help you to […]

How to Calculate Compound Interest in Excel

Compound interest is one of the most important financial calculations which most of us often do in our work.And, it’s must to learn to calculate it in Excel.But, before you do that you need to understand what actually compound interest is.Investopedia says:Compound interest is interest calculated on the initial principal and also on the accumulated […]

How to Use Wildcard Characters in Excel

Sometimes working with data is not that easy, sometimes we face complex problems.Let say, you want to search for the text “Delhi” from the data. But, in that data, you have word “New Delhi” not of “Delhi”.Now, in this situation, you can’t match or search.Here, you need a way which allows you to use only […]

How Combine IF and AND Functions in Excel

As I told you, by combining IF with other functions you can increase its powers. AND function is one of the most useful functions to combine with IF function. Like you combine IF and OR functions to test multiple conditions. In the same way, you can combine IF and AND functions. There is a slight difference in using […]