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How to use Wildcards with VLOOKUP in Excel

Using wildcards with VLOOKUP can be super useful for you. It can help you to look up for a value using a partial match. Let’s say you have data like below table where you have students full name in one column and their marks in another column. Now from this data, you want to lookup […]

How to Count Unique Values in Excel [Formulas + VBA]

How to Count Unique Values in Excel [Formulas + VBA]Let’s say you have a list of values where each value is entered more than once.And now… You want to count unique values from that list so that you can get the actual numbers of values which are there.For this, you need to use a method […]

Get End of the Month Date

 Sometimes we need to get an end of the month date to use as a completion date, due date, as a target date or sometimes we need it to calculate the days between two dates. Without any efforts, we can easily add it manually, but there are some formulas which can help us to calculate it. The […]

How to Get Month from a Date in Excel

Dates are an important part of data.There are few times when we need to use only a part from a date. Take an example of the month.Sometimes you only need a month from a date.A month is one of the useful components of a date which you can use to summarize data and when it […]

How to use OR Logic in COUNTIF/COUNIFS in Excel

A few days back I wrote about how we can use SUMIF OR. And today, I want to show that by using same logic we can create a COUNT OR formula.Even we can create dynamic criteria in this formula.But first of all, let me ask you something.Have you ever faced a situation where you need […]

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