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While using VLOOKUP, whenever the value for which you are looking for is not there in the data you get #N/A error. In simple words, whenever VLOOKUP is not able to find the value it returns #N/A. For example, you have a list of employees name and you want to lookup for the name “John”. […]

How to Convert Negative Number into Positive in Excel

Last week, I got an email from one of my subscribers with a question.Hey Puneet, how many methods we have to convert a negative number into a positive?You know, the thing for which he asked is a common kind of task.I am sure, this often happens with you, when you get some numeric values which […]

Get First and Last Word

Often we face a situation where we need to get first and last word from a cell/text string in Excel.For example, let’s say you want to extract the first name from a cell where you have both first and last names or you want to extract product name from the product description cell.We do need […]

How to use Wildcards with VLOOKUP in Excel

Using wildcards with VLOOKUP can be super useful for you. It can help you to look up for a value using a partial match. Let’s say you have data like below table where you have students full name in one column and their marks in another column. Now from this data, you want to lookup […]

How to Count Unique Values in Excel

Let’s say you have a list of values where each value is entered more than once.And now, you want to count unique values from that list so that you can get the actual numbers of values which are there.For this, you need to use a method which will count a value only one time and […]