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How to Get Total Days in Month in Excel

 Sometimes you need to calculate the total number of days in a month to use in the further calculation. It happens specifically when you work on templates and dashboards. So today, let me show a simple formula which can do this for you. To calculate the number of days in a given month from a date, we […]

Count Words in Excel [Cell + Range + Worksheet]

 There is one option which I always wish Excel should have. That’s ==> Count Number of Words. If you work in Microsoft Word, there is an inbuilt option on the status bar which shows you how many words are there in the sheet.But, when it comes to Excel there is no such option to count words. You can […]

How to Calculate Ratio in Excel

How to Calculate Ratio in ExcelA ratio is one of the common methods to compare two values with each other and it can help you to compare variation between those two values. Even in our daily life, we use this word RATIO to define the comparison between two different things.When it comes to Excel, we don’t […]

Add Leading Zeros in Excel

Simple Ways to Add Leading Zeros in ExcelThere are few default rules in Excel which can annoy you. One of those rules is you can’t add a zero before a number. The reason behind this is:  A zero before a number makes no sense and no value to the number itself. ​Whenever you try to insert a […]

VLOOKUP with Multiple Criteria

 VLOOKUP is one of the most popular Excel Functions. But, it’s one of the most limited functions as well. Advanced Excel users know that there are so many things which we can’t do with VLOOKUP or they need to put some extra efforts to make it work. For example, using VLOOKUP with multiple criteria. By default, VLOOKUP allows […]