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Category Archives for Formulas

Calculate Age in Excel

Let’s say you are preparing a data where user’s age is one of the important things to capture.Now, the thing is.If you ask every user to enter his/her age, chances are they can give you an approx number.But here’s the kicker:If you ask them their date of birth then you can easily calculate their accurate […]

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How to Calculate Ratio in Excel

A ratio is one of the common methods to compare two values with each other. It can help you to compare variation between those two values.Even in our daily life, we use this word RATIO to define the comparison between two different things.When it comes to Excel, we don’t have any specific single function which can […]

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Add Leading Zeros in Excel

There are few default rules in Excel which can annoy you. And, one of those rules is you can’t add a zero before a number.The reason behind this is, a zero before a number makes no sense and no value to the number itself.Whenever you try to insert a zero before a number, Excel removes […]

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Every Excel user who loves VLOOKUP has this secret pain inside: You can’t use it for advanced lookups.Yes, it’s a pain.No doubt, VLOOKUP is one the most popular lookup functions and you should learn it. But, when it comes to power and flexibility it has some shortfalls (as I mentioned) which you can’t cover up […]

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VLOOKUP with Multiple Criteria

VLOOKUP is one of the most popular Excel Functions. But, it’s one of the most limited functions as well.Advanced Excel users know that there are so many things which we can’t do with VLOOKUP or they need to put some extra efforts to make it work.For example, using VLOOKUP with multiple criteria.By default, VLOOKUP allows […]

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