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How to Create a Heat Map in Excel

An excel heat map template can help you present your data in with a strong message about the conclusion. It will also help you to add some extra power in your data.

Top 11 Advanced Excel Charts and Graphs

Charts are one of the most important parts of Microsoft Excel. It helps us to present our data in an understandable manner. In Excel, we have different kind of charts to present our data in different ways. Even there are a lot of advanced charts and graphs which we can create in Excel by making small amendments […]

How to Create a Thermometer Chart in Excel

It happens sometimes when we need to track a single point target vs. its achievement.And for this, it’s important to have a specific chart which can help you to present your data in an understandable way.I believe that thermometer chart is one of the best charts for a single point target. It’s easy to create […]

How to Create a Step Chart in Excel

A step chart is perfect to use when you want to show the changes happened on irregular intervals.And that’s why it’s a part our advanced charts list.It can help you to present the trend as well as the actual time of a change. In reality, a step chart is an extended version of a line […]

Create Interactive Charts In Excel

 A chart is a perfect tool to present data in an understandable way. But sometimes it sucks because we overload it with data. I believe that when it comes to charting it should be neat and clean. The best solution to this problem is using interactive charts. By using interactive charts in Excel, you can present more data […]