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Insert a Check Mark

Last week while traveling, I met a person who asked me a smart question. He was quietly working on his laptop and suddenly asked me this:“Hey, do you know how to insert a check mark symbol in Excel?”And then I figured out that he had a list of customers and wanted to add a check […]

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Refresh All Pivot Tables

A pivot table is one of the best things that I have ever used. I love the thing that I don’t need to insert it again and again.It saves a lot of time because once you create a pivot table, you just need to refresh it with a single click when you update it and […]

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Thermometer Chart in Excel

It happens sometimes when we need to track a single point target vs. its achievement. And for this, it’s important to have a specific chart which can help you to present your data in an understandable way.I believe that thermometer chart is one of the best charts for single point target. It’s easy to create […]

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Every Excel user who loves VLOOKUP has this secret pain inside: You can’t use it for advanced lookups.Yes, it’s a pain.No doubt, VLOOKUP is one the most popular lookup functions and you should learn it. But, when it comes to power and flexibility it has some shortfalls (as I mentioned) which you can’t cover up […]

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VLOOKUP with Multiple Criteria

VLOOKUP is one of the most popular Excel Functions. But, it’s one of the most limited functions as well.Advanced Excel users know that there are so many things which we can’t do with VLOOKUP or they need to put some extra efforts to make it work.For example, using VLOOKUP with multiple criteria.By default, VLOOKUP allows […]

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