How To Use Conditional Formatting In Pivot Table [Examples]

Apply Conditional Formatting in Pivot Table By Using Slicer

You know that Pivot Table is one the most important tools to analyze data. And, Conditional Formatting is useful to deliver a strong message to the user along with data. Ahead of this post, you will learn about how you can combine these two awesome tools. You will learn to apply conditional formatting in pivot table.

How To Use Sumproduct If Function In Excel [Formula Tip]

Hidden Treasure of Sumproduct IF In Excel

Yesterday, when one of my subscribers ask me for help about her problem which she was facing. All she needed was to combine SUMPRODUCT IF Functions to get data from a table. She was trying hard to create a formula but unfortunately she was unable to sort out her problem. While solving her problem I have learned a new thing to create SUMPRODUCT IF Statement.