Every Excel user who loves VLOOKUP has this secret pain inside: You can’t use it for advanced lookups.Yes, it’s a pain.No doubt, VLOOKUP is one the most popular lookup functions and you should learn it. But, when it comes to power and flexibility it has some shortfalls (as I mentioned) which you can’t cover up […]

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VLOOKUP with Multiple Criteria

VLOOKUP is one of the most popular Excel Functions. But, it’s one of the most limited functions as well.Advanced Excel users know that there are so many things which we can’t do with VLOOKUP or they need to put some extra efforts to make it work.For example: using VLOOKUP with multiple criteria.By default, VLOOKUP allows […]

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Excel’s AUTO FORMAT Option

how to use excel auto format option for quick formatting

Formatting is a tedious task. It’s really hard to format your data every time when you present it to someone.But, this is the only thing which makes your data more meaning full and easy to consume. It would be great if you have an option which you can use to format your data without spending […]

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Pivot Table Tips & Tricks

No doubt, Pivot Tables are the single most important tool which can help you to become an advanced Excel user.When it comes to data analysis, quick and effective reporting or presenting summarized data nothing can beat a Pivot Table.The best thing about pivot tables is they are powerful and flexible.​Even when you compare formulas and […]

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Concatenate a Range of Cells

2 concatenate a range of cells with fill justify

CONCATENATE is a handy function to concatenate text from different cells. You need to refer to the cells which you want to combine. It’s simple and easy to apply.But here is a bad news. In concatenate, it’s not possible to refer to an entire range.You need to select all the cells of a range one […]

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