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Syntax For Excel TODAY Function

What is the use of Excel TODAY Function?

By using Excel TODAY Function  you can insert the current date in a cell. It will give you the current date which will update every time you recalculate your worksheet.

Definition For Excel TODAY Function

In above example, I have deducted 1 day from today’s date to get yesterday’s date.

Syntax for Excel TODAY Function


It has no arguments. You just have to put blank parentheses.

More Information on Excel TODAY Function

  • It is a volatile function which will recalculate every time a calculation in performed.
  • Today function returns a valid date serial number as per excel’s date system & you can use this date further with other calculations.
  • When you enter today function in a cell where you have “General” number format, excel will convert that format into date format once you enter your formula.
  • To enter a static date in a cell you can use the shortcut key Control + ;.

Use Shortcut Key To Use Instead of Excel Today Function

Examples to understand Excel TODAY Function

Use Excel TODAY Function With Other Function

Use Excel TODAY Function With Weekday Function

In above example, I have used today function with other functions to get current month number, current year & current day. You can use this function with other function to create some dynamic formulas. If use today where you need the current date in the formula, you don’t have to enter date every time.

A simple use of today is calculating a person’s age.

Download Sample File

Download Sample File To Learn Excel TODAY Function

More Tips Related With Excel TODAY Function


Use Excel TODAY Function to get the current date in excel which will update every time you perform a recalculation. Learn more about how to use excel TODAY function from here.

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