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Generate Random Letters in Excel

    how to generate random letters in excel featured image

    Ever faced a situation where you need to generate random letters? Yes, sometimes we need to generate random letters. We have functions like RAND and RANBETWEEN to generate random numbers but we don’t have any particular function to generate letters. But today, I will share with you an amazing formula trick to generate random letters in […]

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    Conditional Ranking In Excel Using Sumproduct Function

      how use sumproduct in excel to create a rank if for conditional ranking

      First of all, just do this for me, open your Excel workbook and try to type RANKIF. You will be wondered that there is no function in Excel for conditional ranking. Yes, there is no one. Now, just think this way, have you ever faced a situation where you have to rank values by using […]

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      How to Calculate Weighted Average With Sumproduct

        how to calculate weighted average with sumproduct

        The weighted mean is similar to an ordinary arithmetic mean (the most common type of average), except that instead of each of the data points contributing equally to the final average, some data points contribute more than others.

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        Excel 3D Reference – A Thing You Should Consider

          how to use 3D range in excel

          Using 3D Reference can save your a lot of time and help you to avoid writing lengthy formulas. It’s is like three-dimensional chart or image which has more than one phase. A normal range is all about a group of cells from a single worksheet. For Example, in =SUM(Sheet1!A1:A10), “A1:A10” is a group of cells which is referred from Sheet1. But, a 3D reference […]

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          How To Use Condition in SUMPRODUCT

            how to use conditional sumproduct in excel

            SUMPRODUCT is one of the powerful excel functions. And, today, I will show you one of its amazing powers. You will learn how can you write a conditional sumproduct function. Well, as you know you can use sumproduct to multiply and sum specified ranges or arrays. But, while using a conditional sumproduct you can you can […]

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            How To Add Leading Zeros In Excel

              how to add leading zeros in excel featured image

              You can’t add a zero before a number in excel. Whenever you try to add a leading zero, it disappears. Not matter what, how many zeros you trying to add, it will disappear. Let me tell you what’s the reason for this. In below example, I am trying to start a number with 0 but I […]

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              How To Perform Two Way Lookup In Excel

                how to perform two way lookup in excel featured image

                Performing a two way lookup is all about getting a value from a two-dimensional table. That means you can get a value from any cell of a table. And for this, you need to combine match function with vlookup. As you know, normal vlookup is only able to return a value by looking into a single […]

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                How To Calculate Compound Interest In Excel

                  how to calculate compound interest in excel featured image

                  Today, I will show you how to calculate compound interest in excel. Compound interest is one of the most important financial calculations. And, you can calculate it on a yearly, quarterly, monthly, and daily basis. In this post, you will learn all these methods. End of this post, you can download a simple template to calculate […]

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                  How To Use Wildcard Characters in Excel [Ultimate Guide]

                    how to use wildcard character in excel featured image

                    Do you use wildcard characters in excel? They are life savers. Wildcard characters are all about searching a text with a partial match. Let’s say you have a list of names & you want to search for the names who are starting with “T” and ending with “I”. You can use a question mark (?) to […]

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                    How Combine IF and AND Functions in Excel

                      how to combine if and and functions featured image

                      As I told you, by combining IF with other functions you can increase its powers. AND function is one of the most useful functions to combine with IF function. Like you combine IF and OR functions to test multiple conditions. In the same way, you can combine IF and AND functions. There is a slight difference in using […]

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