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How To Add Secondary Axis In Excel Charts In Simple Steps

How To Add Secondary Axis In Excel Charts

Steps For Adding A Secondary Axis In Your Chart Follow these simple steps to create a dual axis. Method 1 Select the data series for which you want to add a secondary axis. Right Click on it & Go to Format Data Series → Series Option → Activate Secondary Axis. Now, you have a two scales in your chart. […]

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How To Create Gauge Chart In Excel – Why & Why Not

Create Gauge Chart In Excel

Excel Chart family has powerful tools to present data (Area Charts, Pie Charts, etc.).  But, sometimes we have to go beyond the power of Excel inbuilt functions. These types of things require some creativity with proper knowledge of excel. Today, we are going to create a Gauge Chart In Excel.   What is Gauge Chart in […]

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How To Create Cricket Score Chart in Excel

People out there are just crazy about cricket. I am also a big fan of the game. I love to watch some of my favorite players scoring. Apart from the players who are performing on the ground, we also have some people who are performing outstanding and consistently in the entire game and in all […]

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How To Create An Area Chart In Excel

An area chart can help you to present data in a better way. It’s just like a line chart, but in an area chart, the area below the lines is filled with a color. You can use an area chart to make a visual trend comparison of your data and to present a trend line for a time period. In […]

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