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Category Archives for Charts

How To Create a Dynamic Chart Range in Excel

how to create a dynamic chart range in excel featured image

I have a strong reason for you to use a dynamic chart range. It happens sometimes that you create a chart and at the time when you update it, you have to change its range manually. Even when you delete some data, you have to change its range. Maybe it looks like that changing a chart range […]

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How To Create In Cell Bar Chart With REPT Function

how to create an bar chart with rept function featured image

In-cell charts are awesome. And today, I’ll show you how to create an in-cell bar chart with rept function. But, do they really worth your time? Yes. Here is the single important reason. They are easy to create and simple to use. Ahead, in this post, I’ll show a step by step process to create a […]

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How To Create Dynamic Chart Title In Excel

Dynamic Chart Title In Excel

Dynamic charts are awesome. But, do you know what is the most important part of a dynamic chart? “Dynamic Chart Title”. Yes, dynamic chart title. Creating dynamic chart title in excel is one of the best ways to make your charts interactive. It will help you to show what actually your chart is about. Ahead in […]

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How To Quickly Create a Bullet Chart In Excel

how to create a bullet chart in excel step by step guide featured image

If you are struggling while selecting a chart for a single data point, you can use a bullet chart. Or, if you don’t like using gauge chart, you can replace it will a bullet chart. So today, I’ll show you a step by step process to create a bullet chart in excel. Along with that, I’ll […]

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10 Excel Charting Tips You Are Still Not Using

10 charting tips in excel you are not using featured image

The moment you are reading this post you still have to explore a lot of things about excel charts unless you are “Jon Peltier“. Here in this post, I’ll show you 10 charting tips which you can instantly use while creating your next chart. I’m pretty sure that these charting tips will help you to […]

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