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How To Create a Tornado Chart In Excel [Step By Step]

    how to create tornado chart in excel using this step by step guide featured image

    Tornado Chart is useful for those who want to analyze their data for better decision making. It’s a useful tool for sensitivity analysis, but you can use it for comparison purpose as well. As tornado chart is not there in excel by default, we have to create it by customizing some other chart (Bar Chart). If you […]

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    How To Create a Dependent Drop Down List in Excel

      how to create a dependent drop down list in excel

      A dependent drop down list is quite useful. And, the best part is it’s easy to create a dependent drop down list. Here, in this tutorial, I’ll show you how to create a dependent drop down list in excel. But first of all, let me tell you why it is important. In below example, I […]

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      How To Add a Vertical Line in Excel Chart [Easiest Method]

        how to add a vertical line in excel chart featured image

        Have you ever tried to add a vertical line in excel chart? If not yet. Then it’s time to give it a try. You can use this vertical line to highlight a specific point in your chart. Here, in this post I’ll share with you the easiest way to add a vertical line in excel chart. […]

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        How To Remove First Character From a Cell Using Quick Methods

          how to remove first character in excel cell using quick methods featured image

          Yesterday, one of my colleagues, who is really passionate to learn Excel these days asked me “do you know how to remove first character from a cell? I told him a small formula (which was easy) for that, but he was not satisfied & want another method. And after that, I told him about five […]

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          How To Create a Thermometer Chart In Excel

            featured image how to create thermometer chart in excel

            I love to use thermometer chart in excel. A thermometer chart in excel is one of the best ways to track single point target vs. achievement. And, it’s super easy to create. Here, I have a step by step guide to help you to create your first thermometer chart in excel. After that, I’ll show […]

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            One Page Excel Expense Tracking Template For Busy People

              featured image for excel expense tracking template

              This excel expense tracking template is for those people whose want to track their expenses but they always find hard to track. Tracking your expenses is one on the most important things to be successful. And, here I have a one page, simple to use excel expense tracking template for you. All you have to do, just […]

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              This Daily Sales Report Template Will Make Your Boss Smile

                featured image download free daily sales template in excel

                I am super excited to hand over this Daily Sales Report Template to you. This is the only template my boss need end of the day to get a quick insight into the sales. And, I pretty sure this daily sales report template will make your boss smile, even the sales are going down. You know […]

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                Super Lite Excel Gantt Chart Template For Project Managers

                  Excel Gantt Chart Template

                  Are you an emerging project manager? If Yes, then here I have a simple but powerful Excel Gantt Chart Template for you. This excel Gantt Chart template is Super Lite. You have to input minimum details about your project for tracking. Please follow this post to learn about the working of this excel Gantt chart […]

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                  How To Undo & Redo Buttons In Excel [Quick Tip]

                    hidden power undo redo button quick access toolbar

                    Do you know a normal excel user press Ctrl + Z (undo) & Ctrl + Y (redo), 50 times in a day while working on a spreadsheet? And, still he/she is always confused that he/she has to press Ctrl + Z (undo) or Ctrl + Y (redo). Do you know there is a smarter way for Undo & Redo? […]

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                    How To Copy Chart Formatting To Another Excel Chart [Trick]

                      copy chart formatting to another excel chart using this charting tip

                      Do you know how to Copy Chart Formatting To Another Excel Chart? Let’s say, with your extreme efforts, you have formatted a chart. And, you realize that you have more charts to format. It’s a pain. But, I have a super quick solution to your pain. All you need just a few clicks with your […]

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