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Automatically Add Serial Numbers In Excel

    how to automatically add serial numbers in excel featured image

    Serial numbers are an important part of data. Even every small data table in excel should have serial numbers. But, adding them manually is a pain. So, today I’ll show you 6 quick methods to automatically add serial numbers in excel. You can use any of these methods which you think is perfect for you. 1. […]

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    How To Multiply In Excel Using Paste Special

      how to multiply using paste special in excel featured image

      Sometimes, you have to perform some quick calculations in excel. And, you can use paste special for these quick calculations instead of formulas. In this post, you will learn a quick tip for these calculations. I will show you how can you use paste special to quickly multiply in excel. Not only multiple but subtract, divided, and […]

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      Useful Macro Codes For VBA Beginners

        useful macro codes

        Do you know with the help of these useful macros, you can break all the limitations of excel which you think excel has? You can use these macro codes even if you haven’t used VBA before that. All you have to do just paste these useful macros codes in your VBA editor. These codes will […]

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        Consolidate Data From Multiple Worksheets In A Single Worksheet

          consolidate data from multiple worksheets in a single worksheet featured images

          In my starting days with excel, I was really bad in capturing data. If you asked me to capture sales data for four different zones, I will create four different worksheets for that. Yes, I was really bad. But, you always learn with your mistakes. Am I right? And, if you are doing the same […]

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          How To Highlight Blank Cells With Conditional Formatting

            how to highlight blank cells with conditional formatting featured image

            It’s hard to recognize blank cells from a large data table. Because a blank cell is just a white cell without any value. In most of the cases, blank cells represent some sort of gap or missing data. It’s recommended to highlight these cells with a color so that we can recognize them. And, I found that […]

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            How To Insert Bullet Points In Excel

              Bullet point list is a useful method to stay organized, but unfortunately, there is no formal method to insert bullet points in excel. We don’t have any option in excel ribbon as we have in Microsoft Word. But that doesn’t mean we can’t insert bullet points in excel. In fact, we have more than one […]

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              How To Highlight Top-Bottom N Values In Excel

                how to highlight top bottom n values in excel featured chart

                The best way to highlight top bottom values is by using conditional formatting. It’s quick, simple and all you need a few clicks. But, the best part is, you don’t even have to write a formula for this. I have been using this since I have got my first job. Whenever my boss called me with […]

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                How To Perform Two Way Lookup In Excel

                  how to perform two way lookup in excel featured image

                  Performing a two way lookup is all about getting a value from a two-dimensional table. That means you can get a value from any cell of a table. And for this, you need to combine match function with vlookup. As you know, normal vlookup is only able to return a value by looking into a single […]

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                  An Advance Guide To Use Find and Replace In Excel

                    how to use find and replace in excel advance option featured image

                    Everyone know that we can find and replace a text with find and replace option. But very few people know that you can use this option to an advance level. Do you? If not, then after reading this post you’ll love this tool. In this post, you will learn some useful examples to use find […]

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                    How To Create Interactive Charts In Excel

                      how to create an interactive chart in excel featured image

                      A chart is a perfect tool to present data in an understandable way. But sometimes it sucks because we overload it with data. I believe that when it comes to charting it should be neat & clean. The best solution to this problem is using interactive charts in excel. By using interactive charts in excel […]

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